One of the best cheeses of the elite series. Cheese with a golden, aromatic crust and a delicate texture. With a surprisingly tangy taste, this cheese will be a decoration of any celebration table. The ripening period is from 3 to 8 months.


Cow's milk, mesophilic lactobacillus sourdough, animal rennet, salt.

Combination with wines:

Red wines like Merlot, Cabernet or Sauvignon. Can be combined with white wines, the taste of which must match the strength of the cheese. It pairs well with dark beers.

How to Serve:

Suitable for appetizers, salads and desserts. A must-have on the cheese plate.

  • Packaging

    вакуум. упак., 0.200-0.250 кг натур. корка, 4-5 кг
  • Fat content

  • Energy value

    345 ккал / 1434 кДж
  • Protein

    26 г
  • Fats

    26,8 г