Ricotta is a traditional Italian white whey cheese, grainy in texture and delicate in consistency. Due to the lactose, it has an unleavened, but slightly sweet taste. Ricotta is low in fat and high in protein, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. The low caloric value of the cheese allows you to call the product dietary.


Milk whey, pasteurized milk, citric acid or natural vinegar. origin, salt.

Combination with wines:

Light white or rose wines.

How to Serve:

Ricotta can be used in many dishes. This amazing product will bring a lot of pleasure at any time of the day. Ricotta is used as a stand-alone dish as well as an additive in salads, cheesecakes, pasta, sauces, lasagna, pizza, meat pies, sweet cakes, and desserts.

  • Packaging

    вакуум. упак. 0.250-0.300 кг вакуум. упак. 0.500-0.550 кг
  • Fat content

  • Energy value

    174 ккал / 722 кДж
  • Protein

    11,2 г
  • Fats

    13,0 г
  • Carbohydrates

    3 г