Dairy Spring Chocolate Cream Cheese will delight fans with its chocolate flavor. A great option for light snacks and desserts. The combination of delicate creamy consistency and different flavors (vanilla, chocolate and creamy) are loved by children and adults. These processed cheeses are made up mostly of cottage cheese and cream, which makes them healthy as well.


Cottage cheese, cream of cow's milk, natural cheeses, cooking salt, salt-melting agent. Additives: cocoa, sugar, vanillin

Combination with wines:

How to Serve:

With white bread, toast, shortbread or crackers. To prepare as a filling for cheesecakes and various desserts.

  • Packaging

    Chocolate, 150 гр
  • Fat content

  • Energy value

    204 ккал / 851 кДж
  • Protein

    21,4 г
  • Fats

    12 г
  • Carbohydrates

    2.5 г