The famous Swiss hard cheese with large oval eyes on the cut. Produced by the technology of the famous "Emmental" cheese. Its subtle spicy and nutty taste will not leave indifferent any guest. Maturation period is from 2 to 8 months.


Cow's milk, mesophilic lactobacillus starter, animal rennet, edible salt.

Combination with wines:

Dry and semi-dry red wines. Combination with white wines is possible, the taste of which should match in strength the taste of the cheese.

How to Serve:

An important and basic ingredient for cheese fondue. A must-have on the cheese plate.

  • Packaging

    вакуум. упак., 0.200-0.250 кг натур.корка, 4-5 кг
  • Fat content

  • Energy value

    348 ккал / 1443 кДж
  • Protein

    24,2 г
  • Fats

    27,9 г