Thanks to the observance of old traditions, the master cheesemakers have created this cheese with a refined taste. Ideal for a quick snack, aperitif or breakfast. The unique delicate taste, the smell is moderately pronounced cheese, it has elastic consistency.


Cow's milk, mesophilic lactobacillus starter, animal rennet, salt.

Combination with wines:

Dry white wines.

How to Serve:

For a variety of salads, desserts, sandwiches and casserole dishes. A must-have on the cheese plate.

  • Packaging

    вакуум. упак. 0.200-0.250 кг термоформ. пленка, 2-2.5 кг термоформ. пленка, 4-5 кг
  • Fat content

  • Energy value

    345 ккал / 1434 кДж
  • Protein

    26 г
  • Fats

    26.8 г