In January, 1996 as a part of Kyrgyz-Swiss intergovernmental dairy program a Closed Joint-Stock Company Sut Bulak was founded

SUT BULAK, Closed Joint-Stock Company

Start-up financing was provided by Swiss andc Government, which also became a principal shareholder
Some shares were distributed among farmers 
of the Issyk-Kul Oblast on a cost free basis
Swiss age-old traditions
Taste of Switzerland
Swiss quality standard
Only 4 ingredients are used for cheese production
Production facility
Production facility was built to Swiss high standards of quality and accuracy. Specialists from Switzerland surveyed lands throughout Kyrgyzstan to locate the best construction site for a cheese factory. They were primarily aimed to discover environmentally safe location with natural conditions similar to these in Switzerland
Little Switzerland
Altitude above sea level was critical, as alpine meadows (1700-2500 m above sea level) were required with their specific motley grasses. Factory was built at 1720 m at the end of Jyluu-Bulak Village, Tyup Rayon, Issyk-Kul Oblast. Production site is located in a center of Tyup Rayon
Friendly relationships
Production site is located in a center of Tyup Rayon. The Company maintains friendly relationships not only with its own staff but also with the suppliers who are exclusively local farmers with close-to-nature methods of milk production.
Sut Bulak Company is a part of a large Spielhofer Swisscheese SA Cheese Factory in Switzerland
In 2017, we have implemented and certified a food safety management system according to the requirements of the FSSC 22000 certification procedure. The FSSC 22000 certification has a very high status in the field of food technology and production, especially in the field of dairy products and ensures that our products are safe to eat and produced under conditions that meet all international quality standards
Work with us
Reliable and long-term relationship with trading companies is one of the main priorities of Sut Bulak. We are ready to provide:
Wide range
of products
High quality and
favorable conditions
Sustained supplies to sale shops by vehicles equipped with refrigerators
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