For over 25 years, Sut Bulak Company has been producing high quality cheeses andc and various andc dairy products under the Dairy Spring and the Milky Day trade marks
Nowadays, Sut Bulak Dairy Factory is not just an independent and advanced Kyrgyzstani cheese producer with developed infrastructure. That is a cheese diary which applies European methods of cheese and dairy production to all international standards, yet maintaining traditional processes using latest production tools
Mountain milk
The Company has developed milk collection system including milk collection stations within villages of Tyup Rayon, Issyk-Kul Oblast. Excellent cheeses can only be produced using perfect milk. And our suppliers are the very embodiment of this quality!

They are mostly appreciated by us local farmers who have their cows grazing at 1700 to 2200 m above sea level. Each day, we collect the milk from previous evening and early morning milking and process it within few hours. We only process mountain milk to ensure our cheese has a special flavor, unlike other dairy products
Control system
Daily checks guarantee impeccable quality. Implemented control system facilitates high quality assurance of milk through to final product. We apply the strictest hygiene provisions. Checks are carried out daily, at each stage of production through to sales process
One of the best elite cheeses. Its rind is aromatic gold and the texture is fine. Thanks to astonishigly savoury flavour, the cheese would be a flower for any festival table. Maturaton lasts 3 to 8 months
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