For over 27 years, Sut Bulak Company has been producing high quality cheeses andc and various andc dairy products under the Dairy Spring trade mark

One of the best elite cheeses. Its rind is aromatic gold and the texture is fine. Thanks to astonishigly savoury flavour, the cheese would be a flower for any festival table. Maturaton lasts 3 to 8 months
Gruntal, 45%
High quality semi-hard cheese with very fine creamy flavor and resilient texture good for every day meals and cooking
Classic, 45%
Ricotta is a traditional Italian whey cheese, white in color, with grainy texture and delicate consistency. Due to lactose, it has an unctuous but slightly sweet taste. Ricotta is low in fat and high in protein, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. The low calorie content of the cheese allows it to be called a dietary product
Edelweiss Cream Cheese has a delicate, creamy flavor and a slightly resilient consistency. Due to resilience, it is cut into small slices
is made of natural cow's milk and natural culture. Includes only natural ingredients
Semi-fat cottage cheese, 9%
Traditional 82.5% fat butter is made exclusively from natural, fresh cream. High nutritional properties are well suited for everyday meals and for homemade pastries and various confectionery products
Butter, 82.5%
Excellent cheeses can only be produced using perfect milk
And our suppliers are the very embodiment of this quality! They are mostly appreciated by us local farmers who have their cows grazing at 1700 to 2200 m above sea level. Each day, we collect the milk from previous evening and early morning milking and process it within few hours
Cheese Shop
Cheese Shop is our specialty store where you can find our entire range of products, as well as different kinds of European cheeses, Italian and French wines, sauces, pasta, and olive oil. In our store you can buy everything you need for a festive dinner, pick up cheeses for a cheese plate, choose the right wines
Work with us
Reliable and long-term relationship with trading companies is one of the main priorities of Sut Bulak. We are ready to provide:
Wide range
of products
High quality and
favorable conditions
Sustained supplies to sale shops by vehicles equipped with refrigerators
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