One of the best elite cheeses. Its rind is aromatic gold and the texture is fine. Thanks to astonishigly savoury flavour, the cheese would be a flower for any festival table. Maturaton lasts 3 to 8 months

Gruntal, 45%

Hard Cheese
Swiss age-old traditions
Taste of Switzerland
Swiss quality standard
Only 4 ingredients are used for cheese production
Cow's andc milk, mesophile culture, natural rennet,andc salt
Wine pairing
Red wines like Merlot, Caberneе, Sauvignon. Possible match to white wines with a flavor as strong as cheese flavor. Excellent pair with a dark beer
How to serve
Good for appetizers, salads and deserts.
Essential component of a cheese plate
0.200 – 0.250 kg vacuum package

4 – 5 kg natural rind
total fats
26 g
345 kcal / 1434 kJ
26.8 g
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