Ricotta is a traditional Italian whey cheese, white in color, with grainy texture and delicate consistency. Due to lactose, it has an unctuous but slightly sweet taste. Ricotta is low in fat and high in protein, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. The low calorie content of the cheese allows it to be called a dietary product


fresh Cheese
Swiss age-old traditions
Taste of Switzerland
Swiss quality standard
Only 4 ingredients are used for cheese production
Milk andc whey, pasteurized milk, citric acid or natural vinegar,andc salt
Wine pairing
Light white or rose wines
How to serve
Ricotta can be used in many dishes. This amazing product would bring a lot of delight in any time of a day.

Ricotta is consumed as a separate dish and as an additive to salads, cheesecakes, pasta, sauces, lasagna, pizza, meat pies, pastries, and desserts
0.250 – 0.300 kg vacuum package
0.500 – 0.550 kg vacuum package
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